The Summoner’s Cave

Back in 2009 I did a “one page dungeon” for a contest. The other day I re-discovered it in my files, so here it is. I think it holds up really well. It’s generic, in that it doesn’t carry any stats for any particular game. The dungeon is designed for a leisurely one-session adventure.

In writing it, The Summoner’s Cave, I was inspired by the old B2: Keep on the Borderlands module for D&D. B2 featured a series of monster-filled caves in the wilderness a day’s ride or so from the keep itself. I thought about how wonderfully compartmentalized that environment was, and optimized for the explore-advance-recharge cycle. I decided that if I ever wanted to do a series of one-page dungeons, I should put this first one in a similar context. As a result, I gave my own series of caves a name: “The Holes.”

Now, I recognize that B2 was a bit one dimensional. But that observation just adds to the fun of using it for inspiration. What a wonderful opportunity to take a dusty favorite and re-imagine it as something more story-oriented. I don’t think I achieved that with The Summoner’s Cave, but maybe in developing multiple “holes,” I can make a more layered, interesting, and multi-faceted environment than B2 offered.

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